MagickWand For PHP



DrawComposite -- composites an image onto the current active image


bool DrawComposite( DrawingWand drw_wnd, int composite_operator, float x, float y, float width, float height, MagickWand mgck_wnd )

Composites an image onto the current active image, using the specified composition operator, specified position, and at the specified size. composite_operator must be a CompositeOperator constant, one of the following: MW_UndefinedCompositeOp MW_NoCompositeOp MW_AddCompositeOp MW_AtopCompositeOp MW_BlendCompositeOp MW_BumpmapCompositeOp MW_ClearCompositeOp MW_ColorBurnCompositeOp MW_ColorDodgeCompositeOp MW_ColorizeCompositeOp MW_CopyBlackCompositeOp MW_CopyBlueCompositeOp MW_CopyCompositeOp MW_CopyCyanCompositeOp MW_CopyGreenCompositeOp MW_CopyMagentaCompositeOp MW_CopyOpacityCompositeOp MW_CopyRedCompositeOp MW_CopyYellowCompositeOp MW_DarkenCompositeOp MW_DstAtopCompositeOp MW_DstCompositeOp MW_DstInCompositeOp MW_DstOutCompositeOp MW_DstOverCompositeOp MW_DifferenceCompositeOp MW_DisplaceCompositeOp MW_DissolveCompositeOp MW_ExclusionCompositeOp MW_HardLightCompositeOp MW_HueCompositeOp MW_InCompositeOp MW_LightenCompositeOp MW_LuminizeCompositeOp MW_MinusCompositeOp MW_ModulateCompositeOp MW_MultiplyCompositeOp MW_OutCompositeOp MW_OverCompositeOp MW_OverlayCompositeOp MW_PlusCompositeOp MW_ReplaceCompositeOp MW_SaturateCompositeOp MW_ScreenCompositeOp MW_SoftLightCompositeOp MW_SrcAtopCompositeOp MW_SrcCompositeOp MW_SrcInCompositeOp MW_SrcOutCompositeOp MW_SrcOverCompositeOp MW_SubtractCompositeOp MW_ThresholdCompositeOp MW_XorCompositeOp

A description of each parameter follows:

drw_wnd A DrawingWand resource
composite_operator A CompositeOperator constant
x X ordinate of top left corner
y Y ordinate of top left corner
width Width to resize image to prior to compositing.
Specify zero to use existing width.
height Height to resize image to prior to compositing.
Specify zero to use existing height.
mgck_wnd Image to composite is obtained from the current active image of this MagickWand resource

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