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DrawPathCurveToSmoothRelative -- draws a cubic Bezier curve from the current point using relative coordinates


void DrawPathCurveToSmoothRelative( DrawingWand drw_wnd, float x2, float y2, float x, float y )

Draws a cubic Bezier curve from the current point to (x, y) using relative coordinates. The first control point is assumed to be the reflection of the second control point on the previous command relative to the current point. (If there is no previous command or if the previous command was not an DrawPathCurveToAbsolute, DrawPathCurveToRelative, DrawPathCurveToSmoothAbsolute or DrawPathCurveToSmoothRelative, assume the first control point is coincident with the current point). (x2, y2) is the second control point (i.e., the control point at the end of thecurve). At the end of the command, the new current point becomes the final (x, y) coordinate pair used in the polybezier.

A description of each parameter follows:

drw_wnd A DrawingWand resource
x2 X ordinate of second control point
y2 Y ordinate of second control point
x X ordinate of termination point
y Y ordinate of termination point

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