MagickWand For PHP



MagickEvaluateImage -- applies an arithmetic, relational, or logical operator to the current active image


bool MagickEvaluateImage( MagickWand mgck_wnd, int evaluate_op, float constant [, int channel_type] )

Applies an arithmetic, relational, or logical operator to the current active image. These operations can be used to lighten or darken an image, to increase or decrease contrast in an image, or to produce the "negative" of an image. Returns TRUE if successful, FALSE if an error occurred. evaluate_op must be a MagickEvaluateOperator constant, one of the following: MW_AddEvaluateOperator MW_AndEvaluateOperator MW_DivideEvaluateOperator MW_LeftShiftEvaluateOperator MW_MaxEvaluateOperator MW_MinEvaluateOperator MW_MultiplyEvaluateOperator MW_OrEvaluateOperator MW_RightShiftEvaluateOperator MW_SetEvaluateOperator MW_SubtractEvaluateOperator MW_XorEvaluateOperator If optional channel_type parameter is supplied, MagickEvaluateImageChannel() is called on the specified image channel. channel_type must be a ChannelType constant, one of the following: MW_RedChannel MW_CyanChannel MW_GreenChannel MW_MagentaChannel MW_BlueChannel MW_YellowChannel MW_AlphaChannel MW_OpacityChannel MW_BlackChannel MW_IndexChannel MW_AllChannels

A description of each parameter follows:

mgck_wnd A MagickWand resource
evaluate_op A MagickEvaluateOperator constant
constant A constant value
channel_type (OPTIONAL) ChannelType constant

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