MagickWand For PHP



MagickGammaImage -- gamma-corrects a particular image or image channel


bool MagickGammaImage( MagickWand mgck_wnd, float gamma [, int channel_type] )

Gamma-corrects a particular image or image channel. The same image viewed on different devices will have perceptual differences in the way the image's intensities are represented on the screen. Specify individual gamma levels for the red, green, and blue channels, or adjust all three with the gamma parameter. Values typically range from 0.8 to 2.3. You can also reduce the influence of a particular channel with a gamma value of 0. Returns TRUE if successful, FALSE if an error occurred. If the optional channel_type parameter is specified, MagickGammaImageChannel() is called on the particular image channel. channel_type must be a ChannelType constant, one of the following: MW_RedChannel MW_CyanChannel MW_GreenChannel MW_MagentaChannel MW_BlueChannel MW_YellowChannel MW_AlphaChannel MW_OpacityChannel MW_BlackChannel MW_IndexChannel MW_AllChannels

A description of each parameter follows:

mgck_wnd A MagickWand resource
gamma The level of gamma correction desired.
channel_type (OPTIONAL) ChannelType constant

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