MagickWand For PHP



MagickResizeImage -- scales the current active image to the desired dimensions


bool MagickResizeImage( MagickWand mgck_wand, float columns, float rows, int filter_type, float blur )

Scales the current active image to the desired dimensions with one of the FilterTypes filters. See below for the list of available filters. Returns TRUE on success, FALSE if an error occurred. Most of the available filters are FIR (finite impulse response), however, MW_BesselFilter, MW_GaussianFilter, and MW_SincFilter are IIR (infinite impulse response). MW_BesselFilter and MW_SincFilter are windowed (brought down to zero) with the MW_BlackmanFilter filter. filter_type must be a FilterTypes constant, one of the following: MW_PointFilter MW_BoxFilter MW_TriangleFilter MW_HermiteFilter MW_HanningFilter MW_HammingFilter MW_BlackmanFilter MW_GaussianFilter MW_QuadraticFilter MW_CubicFilter MW_CatromFilter MW_MitchellFilter MW_LanczosFilter MW_BesselFilter MW_SincFilter

A description of each parameter follows:

mgck_wnd A MagickWand
columns The number of columns desired in the scaled image
rows The number of rows desired in the scaled image
filter_type Image filter to use
blur The blur factor where > 1 is blurry, < 1 is sharp

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